Friday, 22 August 2014


Hello Peeps

Thanks for dropping by. Yes I have another card for you today. This is a card I did with my stamping group earlier in then year. I said we are doing a landscape well it's underwater.

The stamps I used are from a Canadian lady called Ryn Tanaka. I was introduced to her stamps by a lady here in Plymouth called Bernie. I then went online and saw what Ryn did and ordered some of her stamps. The ladies in my stamping group were impressed as well so I ordered a whole batch and this is what I came up with using Ryn's stamps, and the consequent workshop.

So above you can see the picture of the finished card. What impresses me is the bubbles coming from the fish (yea and she is called Wanda)  by a little tinkering you can make it 3D. Here's how to do the card.

So you will need:

Basic craft kit
White Card measuring 10x19cm (7 1/2" x 4")
Distress inks in Mowed Lawn, Salty Ocean, Broken China.
Distress Markers:  Scattered straw, mustard seed, squeezed Lemonade.
Wanda fish Stamp
Coral Stamp (also from Ryn Tanaka)
Black Dye based ink
Versafine in Majestic Blue and Onyx black
Some makeup sponges
Non-stick craft mat/splodge mat.
White gel pen
Silver gel Pen
mask with holes (will explain later)

So to do the card:

Gather your ink pads and sponges I used cut'n'dry, but its up to what you use. The piece of white 10x19cm (7 1/2" x 4") card. and you post it note. and the two Versafine ink pads.

Mount the fish on to a acrylic block and ink up with the Versafine. Onyx black ink pad.

Stamp the fish on the white card roughly about two thirds down if you want to be precise the nose of the fish is 6cm from the bottom of the card.

Next you want to stamp the fish on to a post-it -note to create a mask. Notice how I have angled the stamp so as to get the maximum sticky on the mask.
Cut it out.

Place the sticky over the fish on the card. Make sure its firmly in place.

Lay down your craft sheet/splodge mat.
Next gather your distress inks and sponges and start applying ink to the white area of the card.

You want to mix the blue and the green as in the photo. Do this all over the card. You might want to with the other hand press down on the post-it note so as to make sure no ink goes on the fish.

Sorry its a bit blurry. But you can see that the whole white area has been covered with the distress inks and have achieved a nice depth of colour.

Now we are going to but some coral in the back ground. With the post-it-note still in place ink up the largest of the coral stamps in the Versafine Majestic blue.

Lay some scrap paper underneath if you want, then stamp the coral over the fish. You might want to do this 2-3 times. as you can see from the photo, I came in from the sides as well.

Once you are happy with the coral, you can now remove the mask. The coral will look as though its behind the fish.

Next I got my three distress markers and coloured in the fish.
You can colour the line in the fins with the silver gel pen if you wish.

So the fish is all nicely coloured in and we can now add a bit more detail to the background.

As you can I have now my mask with holes in. and Salty Ocean distress ink pad, and a make-up sponge.

Partially lay the mask over the card as shown and dab with the ink pad making sure you do go through the holes.

Repeat for the other side and you have a nice
subtle background.

So here I have gathered the things I need to stamp in the bubbles emerging from the fish
Black dye based ink pad, Bubbles stamp and white gel pen.

So begin by inking up the stamp with the black ink pad.

Stamp it as close to the fish mouth as possible and at an angle use the photo as a guide.

So with the gel pen colour in the top and the bottom of the bubbles.

As you can see I have done the ones emerging from the fish , now I just need to do the rest.

Now all the bubbles are gelled and it really does make them pop.

So the finished card . I mounted the art work on to silver miri card then on to my 8"x 8" card.
Job Done

Thank fro dropping by and hope you have enjoyed the tutorial.
Andy xx

Monday, 18 August 2014

Landscape 2

Hello Peeps

Firstly many apologies for not blogging for a while , all I can say is where has the time gone, August already and some of us already have started on our Christmas cards.

So todays card that I want to show you is a landscape  using some ink pad colours that you might not normally associate with doing landscapes.

So above you can see a picture of the finished card, so a bit of brayering stamping  with a combination of these two elements you can produce a lovely scenic card.

So here's what you need.

Basic tool kit
Non-stick craft mat/splodge mat
brayer (should in your basic tool bag)
Adirondacks dye based ink pads in the following colours, Sunshine Yellow, Red Pepper, Cranberry, Eggplant, Citrus.
Versafine in Olympia green/ Onyx Black
Tree Stamps,
Flight of birds stamp
foliage or grass stamp ( all these stamps are on the Inkylicious flight of dreams set of stamps.)
copy paper
8” x 8” white card blank
Plain white card
green/purple card for matting and layering
Circle punch approx. 5cm or 2” diameter

So how's it done.

Assemble your ink pads, your brayer and a piece of white card to measure 5 1/2" x 7 1/2/ " this is where we are going to do the landscape on.

Punch a whole using the punch into a piece of scrap card. Place the "aperture about 2cm or 1/2"  from the top of the card. Working with the short sides at the top and bottom.

Ink up the brayer using the Sunshine Yellow. Remove excess on to a splodge mat.

Working from of the card as shown as you roll the brayer gradually bring it down across the sun it will gradually go yellow repeat with the red pepper ink pad until you have a nice orage sun but not to bright. Don't clean the brayer.

With the ink that's left on the brayer roll back and forth across the top of the card again gradually bringing it towards the sun . Don't worry if you go over the sun as the ink on the brayer is minimal so wont make a difference  to the sun.

With a piece of scrap paper and a ruler tear the paper moving the ruler to create some hills.

So hope fully you will have  something like this. It does take practice.

Lay it on top of the card covering the sun it should be about half way down.

Ink up the brayer with cranberry, go over the torn paper, as shown in the photo.

Move the paper slightly as in the photo, and without re-inking the brayer go over the torn paper again. This will appear fainter and make it look as though the "hills" are further away.

Now move the torn paper to the other side and again without re-inking the brayer do another set of "hills".

So this is what we should have up to now.
Clean the brayer

Ink the brayer up with Citrus, and going from the bottom up towards the cranberry fill in the white area it will get fainter as you get towards the cranberry , that's fine. Clean Brayer

Lastly put the torn piece of paper back in place and ink up the brayer with eggplant. Again go over, move paper and go over again to make further hills in the distance. Clean brayer, splodge mat and put away.

So this is what we should have up to now. Now we will stamp in our details.

I'm using Inkylicious flight of dreams stamp set. and a onyx black Versafine ink pad.

Using the two small trees ink up with the black stamp it once on to scrap paper then on to your work, do this twice as shown in the photo.

Using the bigger tree ink up, and stamp in the middle of the picture near the bottom using the photo as a guide.
Ink the tree up again and using the edge of the stamp, stamp in the bottom corners of the picture.
Ink up the foliage stamp with Olympia green and stamp over the sun at the top of the picture stamp again without re-inking to get a fainter image. Repeat this all the way along.

Finally add the flight of birds blotting on to scrap paper first using the onyx black. Mount on to card of your colour choice and then on to a 8"x8" card blank.

The finished card.

Thanks for dropping by and hopefully wont leave it quite so long.

Andy xx