Sunday, 26 January 2014

One stamp two ways

Hello Peeps
Firstly many apologies fro not blogging for quite a while now its been really busy.

As many of you now know I have been taken on to the design team for Oyster Stamps. yay, so will be with them at Exeter this week, 30th,31st, January and 1st February 2014. Be good to see you there.

The two samples  I have for you today are techniques that I taught my stamping group on Saturday just gone.

Above you can see the two samples I have done, if you look its as though I have produced a negative and positive from the same stamp. Here's how and what you will need.:

You Will Need,
Basic tool Kit
Background Stamp I used "Lavish Corners" by JustRite Stamps and available from Oyster Stamps
Distress inks any three colours, I used in the above samples:
Tea Dye, Frayed Burlap, Old Paper,
Detail Clear Embossing Powder.
Black Dye Based ink pad, i.e. Momento or Adirondack.
Heat Gun
Anti Static bag,
Versamark inkpad.
A5 Plain White Card.
Make up sponge.


Gather you things together and begin by randomly applying the ink to the card.

Random is good here you do not have to be to fussy. Make sure there are no white areas of the card showing.

What you are aiming for is the card saturated with ink. Now because of the nature of the distress inks you need to dry the card stock. So go ahead with your heat gun and dry the card.

Make sure the card is thoroughly dry before going on to the next step. If you prefer you can leave it to dry overnight and finish the technique in the morning.

Next step is to get ready your Versamark ink pad, clear embossing powder and anti static bag.
Go over the card with the anti static bag.
Mount your stamp on to a suitable Acrylic block.

Ink up your stamp with the Versamark ink pad. Pay particular attention to the sides and corners.

Pressed down firmly on to your card stock. Then care fully remove the stamp
Apply the Clear embossing powder over the card.

Here you can see the Stamped image with the embossing powder on. Yes it is white but goes clear when heated.. So go ahead and heat.

So now its heat set and ready for the next stage.
You will now need a make up sponge and you black dye based ink pad.

Begin by adding some black ink to the sponge and going over the image. Keep going until the whole image is "revealed".  What's happening is the clear embossing powder is resisting the black ink.

So here I have completely gone over with the black ink pad. With a clean bit of tissue go over the image and remove any excess ink. This pings it and brings it out more.

If you look closely at the corner I have used in my sample Linen card stock. This has automatically given me a more distressed look to the card. Of course if you desire you can use plain white card.

Trim the card down removing the excess card.

Matt and layer on to black card stock. Attach to card front and add any elements to finish your card.

Ok The one on the right is slightly different. What I have done here is instead of using the Clear embossing powder I used Black and then that is it, apart from trimming and matting and layering the card as before.