Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bauble card

Hello Peeps

This is a card I did with my stamping group on Saturday. It is a design by Dee Paramour and is taken from the Creative Expressions Project book vol.1.

The basic card blank that I used is a 8"x8" so please bear this in mind when you are trying for another size as what I have given here is for a 8x8 card.

ok so above you can se a picture of the finished project.

You will Need:

Basic Tool Kit
Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Collection Mini Holidays 4 stamp set .CMS 142
Versafine  Vintage Sepia
Distress ink Frayed Burlap
ink blending mat.
Spellbinders Die Heirloom Ornaments 2011 S4-334
Spellbinders Parisian Accents S5-034
A4 Embossing Folder I used Crafters Companion spot folder.
A4 sheet white card. x2
Glue pen
First thing is to cut all our pieces. I used the two largest baubles as arranged on a magnetic sheet and the border die.
Run through the machine and die cut the pieces.
once cut run through again to emboss using the appropriate boards for your machine.

The die cut pieces.
You will need to do 2 borders, and should be able to get from the same pieces of card.

The border is now place between the apertures that I have already cut, you also need to cut the large bauble as a solid piece so put that on your board as well , mine is below the one already cut.
Leave the machine out .

Take your second piece of A4 card and with the long edge running along the top of your cutter cut at 20.5cm. Keep the off cuts.

Turn the card 90 degrees clockwise so the edge in the previous step that was up against the 20.5cm mark is now along the top. Cut it at 13cm leave to one side
With the off cuts cut two pieces 20.5x3.7  use both of the bigger pieces if you fine it two hard but it is feasible to get the two pieces from the off cut in the step above.

You should now have three pieces of card:

1x 20.5cmx13cm
2x 20.5x3.7cm

With the larger piece pass through the die cutting machine using the embossing folder. Using the sandwich applicable to your machine.

Here is a picture of all the various elements to construct our card.

To start with take the two narrow pieces of card.
With the holly stamp and vintage sepia,  stamp along the top edge of one piece of card.

Keep stamping all the way along until you have a holly border.

On piece of card stamped
Repeat with the other piece of narrow card.

Take the solid bauble and stamp the angel from the stamp set roughly in the middle and at a angle . Use the photo as a guide.

All the elements that needed stamping has been done.

Here I have retrieved all my elements ready to apply the distress ink.

Place pieces on a ink blending mat.
Beginning with the two holly border pieces of card go around all the edges with the Frayed Burlap.
Apply ink to the ink blending tool and with circular motions start on the mat and bring the tool on to the card constantly using a circular motion. This should give a nice even blend to the ink on to the card.

Here I have done both pieces and as you can see the ink is nice and smooth. Nice and aged which is what we are aiming for here.
Be careful with the blending as you don't want to crease the card.

Next do the bauble shape with the hole.

 Ok so this piece is nice and distressed and I can now put it to one side as I do the others.

Repeat the same process with the solid bauble with the angel stamped on it.

 Here as you can see I have distressed the outside of the bauble and left the centre relatively white.

 Again repeat the same process with the distress ink with the embossed piece of card.

 So this has now been inked and again can be left to one side.

Finally repeat the process with the two borders. Be careful here as they are a little delicate. Try and highlight the embossing.

So here all my elements  for the card have all been coloured using the Frayed Burlap distress ink.

Taking the two border pieces apply Double Sided Stick Tape to all 4 sides

Open out your card blank and starting at the fold and at the top gradually lay down your first border making sure you have covered the white part of the card at the top edge. If you haven't don't worry just add a little ink to cover it up.
Also notice the holly border is nearer to the top of the card.

You will have a little bit hanging over the edge of the card trim with a craft knife or pair of scissors.

Repeat the with the other piece of card for the bottom and trim accordingly.

So both borders now in place.

Next add the larger piece of embossed card and as you can see from the photo its slightly over laps the borders this is fine which is why I done the photo like this so you can see. Stick in place as before.

As you can see we now have three pieces in place. all three pieces have been trimmed to the base card size

We now need to put on the borders.
Using a glue pen add glue all over the wrong side of the border..

Line the straight edge of the border with the top of the embossed card as in the photo

Repeat for the bottom border
Last thing is to add the bauble.

Add large 3Dfoam pads to the reverse of the bauble with the angel stamped on it.
Do not remove the tops from the pads.
Turn it back over on to its right side

Add small 3d foam pads to the "aperture" bauble as seen in the photo.
Attach to the angel bauble lining it up very carefully.
I married these two pieces first then attached to the card. this way if a messed it up I have only messed up the bauble bit and not the whole card.

Attach completed bauble to the centre of the card using the photo as a guide.

Attach a bow card completed.


Below is further ideas and hopefully inspiration .


  1. Wow Andy brilliant tutorial, I must have a go at this. xx

  2. Had a go at this yesterday on one of you workshops and Oyster Stamps in Rochester and wow did I learn so much, we also did another technique with the wax paper, fantastic, thank you so much for sharing with us. It really open up a whole new dimension to stamping, June x