Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mica Stamping

Hello Peeps

Hope you are all well. Today I'm going to show you how to stamp using mica powders. Now the thing is here the technique I'm going to show you will end up producing two colours of mica powder on the same card.

 So above you can see the finished background. The mica powder does not show up all that well but trust me its there.

You will need.
Stamps I used the sailing boat from "The Open Sea" set from Stampin up.
Selection of distress inks: I used Antique linen, Tea Dye
Perfect Pearls Mica powder in Rust and Perfect Gold
Cut and dry foam
A6 piece of card stock
Versamark ink pad.
Baby wipes.

Begin by applying the Antique linen to the piece of white card. making sure its covering the card. Random here is good and you don't have to be all that particular. Apply tea dye distress ink in the same way


This is what you want to end up with a card covered in the ink and saturated.

Next with your perfect gold mica powder cover the WHOLE of the card with the powder.

Now get your baby wipes, second colour mica powder (here I used rust), stamp and Versamark.
resting your stamp on the work surface take your ink pad to the pad and lightly tap to apply some ink to the stamp.
Starting up in the left hand corner press firmly and remove immediately clean the stamp and dry it.

Apply a small amount of mica powder to the stamped image and move it around with the brush to cover the whole of the image.
Repeat this over the card, stamp, clean, mica, stamp, clean, mica.
 This is what you should end up with a nice background with two different mica powders on it.






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