Friday, 22 February 2013

wax resist

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I am going to show you today how to do the wax resist technique using your embossing folders. Its a great technique and offers another use for all you embossing folders.

Things you will need:

Iron (I use my encaustic art Iron) You can use a ordinary Iron without the steam and set it to maybe a cotton setting.
Wax paper I use waxwrap which I gor from my locol kitchen shop.
Distress inks
Coated card stock again I used encaustic art card as I find this the best.
Heat proof mat
Splodge mat
ink blending tool/brayer
embossing folder
die cutting machine ( I used Garnd Caliber)

Here in the first picture I begun to assemble the things I will need for this project. Put on the iron so its ready and heated.

Here I have cut a piece of the wax paper and put it inside the embossing folder. I will mention here that the grand impreesabilities also work well with this technique.

As I'm using the Spellbinders Grand Calibur this is the sandwich I'm using for this paticular folder. So raspberry plate (D adaptor plate), embossing folder with wax paper inside, and A plate  If you are using a different embossing folder or machine check your die cutting machine instructions  for the appropriate sandwich.

Pas the sandwich through your machine.

Take out the wax paper and sandwich it between 2 sheets of encaustic card. With your pre-heated Iron applying gentle pressure glide the iron over the sandwich ensuring equal coverage over the whole area. About a minute is good.

Once Ironed separate the two pieces of card and get your ink applicator / brayer and distress inks and start applying ink to the surface of the card.

Keep applying the ink until you are happy with the depth of colour. As I'm right handed I used a piece of folded kitchen towel under the fingers of my left hand to keep them clean. Move on to a darker colour as necessary. Here i used Worn Lipstick and Barn Door.

Here you can see the patten emerging and the wax resisting the distress inks.

Here you have the two finished pieces ready to use on your project.

Thank you for looking and hope you like this tutorial.


Andy xx    Video tutorial

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