Friday, 25 January 2013

Wedding Anniversary card

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Today I'm going to show you how to make a Roamntic Card which could also be used as a anniversay card or wedding card. It comes with it's own envelope to keep the card in. I will give a list of things you will need and then will give instructions on making the enveloep first then the card.I am guessing your are seasoned crafter and have a basic tool kit.

Stuff you need:
12"x12" piece of card
Paper trimmer
Heart stamp (I used damask hearts from chocolate baroque)
embossing powder (I used detail Silver)
versafine ink pad


Begin with your 12"x12" piece of card and trim it down to 8"x8". Keep the cut of bits of card as you are goin g to use them later

Once you have your 8"x8" square piece of card you mark the cnetre of each edge.with a ruler and pencil

Next draw diagonal lines from corner to corner to find the middle of the card..

What you need to do now is score along from one middle pont to the other as shown in the photo. Along were I have laid my ruler. You will need to do thios to all four sides.
You now need to fold the the points into the centre as shown in the photo again doing it to all four sides
With one of the cut off pieces from step one you will need to stamp  your hearts five times.
Begin by rubbing over the piece of card with a aniti-static bag. Using the versafine ink pad, ink up your stamp and press firmly on to the card. Sprinkle over the embossing powder, shake of excess and place back in pot, and heat set. Here I used detail silver
Once you have embossed five hearts cut them out. Put one aside for the card which goes inside the envelope.

With the remaining four attach a pieve of double sided sticky tape TO THE LOWER HALF OF THE REVERSE OF THE HEARTS.

Here you can see how much tape you need to put on the reverse of the hearts so about half .
Now attach the hearts as shwon to the eenvelope
You can see from the close up the point is slightly showing betewwn the centre of the heart.
repeat this with the other three hearts.


A close up of where to postion the heart.
Once you have all four attached you can now "seal" the evelope. Beginning with the one nearest to you take the heart to your left and tuck it under the triangle to the right.reapeat all the way around.m as in the photo.

 To make the card take a piece of A4 card and cut it 11.5" x 5.5", fold short edges to short edges to yield a 5.5" card blank. In my sample I used some Mulberry Paper and my last  heart to decorate the front. Put inside the envelope and job done.


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